Blowing Horns
Drinking Horns
Combination horns
Polished Kudu


First we'd like to say, "Yes, they are real cattle horns."

All of our drinking horns are hand-crafted (aside from the cow's effort). First, using a steel brush, we scrub them out and rivet D-rings on for the strap. We then coat the inside with a polymer resin that seals the horn (acting as a lining) and leaves you tasting your beverage, cold or hot, and not the horn!

We also have a variety of blowing horns upon which, with a little practice, several loud and boisterous notes can be played. And for the thrifty barbarian, we also make a combination blowing/drinking horn. The combo horns are available with or without aluminum top cups.

We can also do custom orders which include brass accessories and leather braid-work. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Order online, or by phone at 941-928-0084.